Shared masternode service will be terminated. No more payouts will be processed. please sell and withdraw all your shares asap.
Masternode Hosting

How it works:

  • You have to login or register, then go to adding a masternode.
  • You are given instructions on how to create the Collateral/Payee deposit (on your wallet) Simple as click, copy, paste
  • You are asked to make the payment for the first 30 days is (33.99$ paid in crypto currency)
  • Once the payment is done, a VPS is setup and running (takes from 7-20 minutes) Booting up, checking for updates and syncing the Blockchain
  • You are given instructions on how to link your local wallet to the Masternode VPS and click start (copy-paste to a text file!).
  • Profit! (You will receive 100% of the masternode payout to your collateral/payee address).

Is it safe:

  • Your 1000 coins required for a masternode are kept on your wallet, no one have access to them except you!
  • In case something bad happened or you no longer wish to host your Masternode with us, it is as simple as reconfiguring your wallet to a new Masternode VPS, or spending your coins on a vacation!.
  • MN Payments are sent to your collateral address (your wallet that holds the 1000 coins)

Why the fees are high:

Some might consider the fees high specially with VPS hosting centers offering as low as 5$, but here is why we take more:
  • We use only large VPS (more expensive) nodes for:
  • The blockchain database grows, thus you need larger HDD to keep the Masternode running.
  • Higher CPU and RAM ensures your node won't be kicked out on high loads.
  • You are freed from the burden of setting up the masternode yourself.
  • Your masternode is monitored and you are emailed with any status change thata requires your attention ( no "oops my MN stopped working and i didn't check it" situations! ).
  • The masternode VPS have to be up to date with latest updates, if not update is done the MN stops. We do automatic upgrades when required.
  • Developing and maintaining the system also comes at a cost to us.

Other Masternode questions :

Some of this F.A.Q is unrelated to our service, but our clients have been asking us questions, here are the answers :)

Q: Can I pay for 2 months/3 months .. etc?

A: Yes, But please try our service first! we want only happy clients. once you are satisfied, you can click "Extend" next to your Masternode to add an extra month, you can do this anytime and as many times as you want.

Q: How long it atkes to start a MN with you?

A: From 10 to 20 minutes only!

Q: Do I need to send you the 1000 coins?

A: No, the 1000 collateral coins remain on your wallet and under your control only.

Q: Can I use the 1000 coins?

A: Yes you can, but sending any amount of them stops the Masternode, so spend them only if you wish to stop your masternode.

Q: My masternode status shows "...."

A: Please check the status of your MN from The Masternode List , if it says "Masternode successfully started" then everything is good and no need to do anything (pressing "Start Alias" will put your MN in the end of the payout queue - don't do it). If the status is something else please contact us. we will check it!.

Q: How much/how often the Masternode pays out?

A: Your masternode pays out once every (total amount of masternodes) blocks. for more details check websites like Masternodes Online.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us via:
Email: [email protected]