Shared masternode service will be terminated. No more payouts will be processed. please sell and withdraw all your shares asap.
Shared Masternodes
note: "shares" is the name we call for what is known as "seats"

What are shared Masternodes:

  • Each Masternode requires 1000 coins to setup. Not everyone have enough coins!
  • A group of people gather 1000 coins to start a Masternode.
  • Every MN Payment is split equally between the seats.( 50 seats, each seat gets 1/50 of the MN Payment )

Is it safe:

MN Shares require you to send your coins to the person who will run the MN, so it is risky if you are sending your coins to someone you do not know.
If you decide to invest in a shared masternode with someone else, please make sure that:

  • The person has a reputation, and already hosting some shared masternodes. (this still doesn't mean your coins are safe)
  • The person has an automated system to send the coins back to you in case something bad happened to them (dead-man switch).
  • That the person knows how to run a masternode and do the payouts
  • They have proof for what's mentioned above!
  • Always ask others in the coin community about whoever you are planning to invest with.
Those are general precautions, in the end it is your own responsibility and we are not responsible for any investment you do with other people.

Why invest with us

Fully automated system, from the website you can:
  • Buy and sell shares any time.
  • Withdraw your coins to your wallet anytime.
  • No need to contact anyone to get more shares, or sell yours and withdraw.
  • No more fear of miscalculations by doing everything manually, or losing information in Excel sheets about your shares!
  • Email alerts on all your actions, pending requests and shares, and payments.
  • Dead man switch, if the masternode operator is unavailable for 14 days, the Masternodes are stopped and all your shares are sent back to you. (Dead man switch, not needed with our system, just as precaution)
  • System built with experience working with crypto currency since 2013.

How it works

  • You have to login or register, then go to Masternode Shares page.
  • You have Deposit addresses, send any amount (that is enough to buy a share) to that address. at any time.
  • After 1 confirmation, the amount you sent is displayed/added to your "Balance".
  • With your "Balance" you can Buy shares by clicking the "Buy Shares" button, or instantly "Withdraw" by clicking the withdraw button.
  • Once you buy a share it enters the "Pending" status (More info below, see "Pending Shares").
  • Once your share is "Activated" you will start receiving payouts daily.
  • You will receive email notifications when buying shares, selling shares, share activated, payout received, deposit received.
  • There is a 7% payout fee, used to maintain the service, host the Masternode, development, security and administration fees. You don't have to pay anything, this fee is deducted from the masternode payouts, this fee will be reduced in the near future.

Pending Shares

  • To start receiving payouts, we require a Masternode (1000 coins). so we need 50 shares (seats) for that.
  • Until there are 50 shares, all shares are in the "Pending" status.
  • Pending Shares can be sold instantly, and withdrawn at anytime. (in other words, get your 20 coins back instantly)
  • Pending shares can be activated if someone with an active share decided to opt-out. when this happens the first pending share in the queue is activated. (make sure to buy shares early to have them enabled faster)
  • Once there are 50 pending shares, a MN is created and payouts will start automatically after that.
  • All the 50 pending shares will switch to the "Active" state (more below)

Active Shares

  • Active shares are those shares that are part of a running Masternode.
  • Each active share receives 1.86% of the payout. (6.7% payout fee)
  • Payouts are accumulated in the "Balance" in your account and can be withdrawn instantly at any time, or used to purchase more shares.
  • Active shares can be sold anytime, however they will be sell-pending until there is a pending share to be replaced with (expect 1-3 hours)
  • Active shares that are pending for sale still receive payouts until they are sold and your 20 coins are given back to you.

Q: How much/how often the Masternode pays out?

A: Your masternode pays out once every (total amount of masternodes) blocks. for more details check websites like Masternodes Online.

Get the amount of coins from one of the links above (under "Daily income") and enter it in the box below to calculate the daily revenue from your seats:


Each share (20 coins) gives you 1.866% of the masternode payment (link 2 lines up there).
Buy seats and sell pending seats any time.
Instant withdrawals any time.
Easy out as long as there are other people in the waiting list.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us via:
Email: [email protected]